Sesame-flavored Raw Wheat Gluten

Sesame-flavored raw wheat glutenGrilled raw wheat gluten flavored with sesame is crunchy on first bite and then chewy.

“The joy of cooking also lies in making good use of ingredients you tend to overlook,” says Kimio Tomura, owner of a Japanese restaurant. Called “fu” in Japanese, wheat gluten is sold raw or baked dry. Since fu itself is tasteless, the sesame sauce should be rich in flavor. The remaining sesame sauce may be kept in the fridge and used to accompany grilled eggplant for instance. Serves four.

Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin risottoHarvest season has arrived. Chef Kuniaki Arima introduces an Italian dish where rice takes center stage.

This sun-yellow pumpkin risotto takes him back to the days he spent at a winery in Piemonte, Italy, where he helped bring the harvest in.

Stir-fried Green Bell Pepper And Pork

Stir-fried green bell pepper and porkA stir-fry of colorful fresh vegetables and pork is just the trick to rid yourself of fatigue caused by the lingering summer heat.

The dish will come out nicely even if you don't have a wok. "The dish will not become sloppy even if you use a non-stick frying pan," says Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association.

Roasted Chicken Rolls Add Flair To Your Dining Table

Roasted chicken rolls add flair to your dining tableChicken is an old stand-by that is sure to satisfy many. Why not jazz it up? This recipe for roasted chicken rolls is simple to make, yet has flair. "It has the same crispy skin and rich stuffing as roast chicken," says chef Masayo Waki. The roll may be fastened by winding string around it instead of using toothpicks.

Chinese-style Hot And Sour Hot Pot

Chinese-style hot and sour hot potA hot pot stew is wonderful in winter. Chef and restaurant owner Tomoshige Ichikawa offers his version of a Chinese hot and sour soup called Suan La Tang to warm you up. The trick is to lay the Chinese cabbage leaves in the bottom of the pot to absorb the flavors. "It prevents the meat from burning and also raises the ingredients so they look nicer," he says.

Beat The Heat With Nyumen Noodles

Beat the heat with nyumen noodlesCare for some “nyumen,” a type of “somen” thin noodles made from flour, but served piping hot?

“I recommend it, especially when you have no appetite,” says KimioTomura, owner of a Japanese restaurant.

Polpetti Recipe

Polpetti recipeThe ever-popular meatball is called polpetti in Italy.

"In Italy, they use shank meat that is a little stringy but rich in flavor. It becomes fluffy by mixing with bread and egg," says chef Kuniaki Arima, who introduces this typical example of Italian home cooking in vinegar-flavored tomato sauce.

Salmon Chirashizushi (scattered Sushi)

Salmon chirashizushi (scattered sushi)"Chirashizushi," literally "scattered sushi," is a dish prepared for festive occasions.

Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association introduces a salmon version that is perfect for summertime lunches.

"As long as you have mastered the basics of the vinegar mix, all you need are two or three ingredients at hand," she says.

Namul Of Okra And Tomato Recipe

Namul of okra and tomato recipeCold beer in summer is great. Cooking expert Megumi Fujii introduces two healthy dishes to accompany the occasion. Namul is a Korean dish of vegetables seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and other ingredients. “In addition to bean sprouts and carrots, eggplant, cucumber, seaweed and mulukhiya (“moroheiya”) can also be used to make good namul,” says Fujii, who chose okra and tomato this time. Green soybean and herbs seasoned with soy sauce is another refreshing dish.

Simmered Eggplant Recipe

Simmered eggplant recipeDeep-fried eggplant simmered in sweet dashi stock makes for a savory summer dish.

“The joy of cooking vegetables lies in creating your own taste using stock and seasoning,” says Kimio Tomura, owner of a Japanese restaurant.

Penne With Octopus And Eggplant

Penne with octopus and eggplantIn Italy, not surprisingly, the book "Code of Pasta" is hugely popular. The Mediterranean country boasts an infinite number of pasta dishes.

"Ingredients that are in season at the same time go well together," says Italian cuisine chef Kuniaki Arima, who chose octopus and eggplant to go with short pasta. A key to the recipe is careful preparation of the sauce, since "sauce with a clear flavor keeps one from using too much salt and oil," he says. Serves two.

Suntory To Release Limited-edition Rolling Stones Blended Whiskey

Suntory to release limited-edition Rolling Stones blended whiskeySuntory Liquors Ltd. will sell a limited-edition blended whiskey--at a suggested retail price of 500,000 yen ($6,300)--to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones, company officials said on July 12.

The whiskey will go on sale on Oct. 30 and will come in a bottle shaped in the band’s familiar tongue and lips design. Only 150 bottles each containing 700 milliliters will be offered.

Stick-shaped Gyoza Dumplings

Stick-shaped gyoza dumplingsStick-shaped “gyoza” dumplings are a boon for novice cooks. They are done in 30 minutes, thanks to the simple wrapping process. The filling that includes cabbage and okra is another key. “The stickiness of the okra keeps the meat juice together,” says Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association. She also advises not to panic when the dumplings stick to the pan while cooking. They will come loose by pouring oil on and around them, she adds. Serves four.