Fried Double Bonito Recipe

Fried double bonito recipeJune brings the northbound bonito to the seas off the Sanriku coast in the Tohoku region. Although katsuo (bonito) is delicious as sashimi, why not try this fish in a warm dish?

Poached Eggs With Vegetables

Poached eggs with vegetablesPoached eggs have an inimitable charm, with half-set yolks and soft, light egg whites. Another plus is that it is quicker to poach eggs than to boil them. "Place a poached egg over vegetables in season and you get a hearty salad that is great as an appetizer or for brunch," says cooking expert Masayo Waki. Vinegar in the cooking water hastens the solidifying of the protein. Serves two.

Spicy, Stir-fried Scallops

Spicy, stir-fried scallopsAdd style to your table with Chinese-style stir-fried boiled scallops. Chef and restaurant owner Tomoshige Ichikawa says the key to cooking boiled scallops is to minimize the smell. The first step is to pat them dry. Also, proper heat is important, as stir-fry dishes tend to turn out soft and wet when cooked at home. To prevent this, he says, "Stir-fry the scallops and vegetables separately, and bring them together at the end." Serves four.

Stir-fry Chicken Gizzards Komatsuna Leaves

Stir-fry chicken gizzards komatsuna leavesChicken innards do not appear as frequently on the dinner table as leg or chicken breast. But chicken livers are rich in vitamin A and iron, while gizzards are low in calories.

"The key is to flour the gizzards with 'katakuriko' starch and mix well," says cooking expert Megumi Fujii who introduces a stir-fry of gizzards and "komatsuna" leaves. The starch keeps the gizzards from toughening and retains the flavor. Fujii cooks chicken liver with honey and ginger. Honey may be replaced by 1 tablespoon each of sugar and sweet mirin sake.

French Style Fried Sea Bream

French style fried sea breamHere's a French style dish that could put a professional chef to shame: sea bream (madai) fried to a golden crisp. "The vivid garnish is boiled 'fuki' (giant butterbur shoots) dressed in butter. It's another way to enjoy traditional vegetables," says cooking expert Masayo Waki.

Japan Yuzu Lime Exported To Europe For The First Time

Japan yuzu lime exported to Europe for the first timeYuzu, a Japanese lime widely used to enhance the flavor of winter dishes in Japan, may soon become an indispensable seasonal offering in Europe.

Thanks to the efforts of a French chef and local officials in Kochi Prefecture, Japan's first export of yuzu to France arrived in November.

Clams Cooked In Natane Style

Clams cooked in natane style"Asari" clams that are coming into season and rapeseed flowers ("natane" or "nanohana") are a best match in March, when cold and warm days alternate. According to Japanese cooking expert Tatsuo Saito, beaten egg spreads in the stock when it cooks, resembling a field of rapeseed flowers. "It is best if the egg is cooked through instead of half-cooked," he adds.

Gomoku Chirashi

Gomoku chirashi"Gomoku chirashi" is sushi rice topped with a variety of colorful vegetables and others. "All you have to do is to stir-fry the ingredients together. You will get the perfect flavor that way," says cooking expert Atsuko Matsumoto.

Beef Stewed In Beer

Beef stewed in beerTime does wonders to the flavor of stews. Beer, preferably the rich kinds from Europe, will be used to cook beef in this recipe. "There are a variety of dishes in the world where alcohol beverages are used to stew meat. It tenderizes the meat and enriches the flavor," says cooking expert Masayo Waki. Chunks of shoulder meat have the right amount of fat and tendon for a stew that should be done in about an hour.

Fish Pickled In Miso

Fish pickled in misoPeople are seeing fermented food in a new light, and "miso-zuke," or pickling food in miso, is a useful recipe once you get the hang of it. Chef Kimio Tomura, who specializes in Kyoto cuisine, introduces a dish using fish and light-colored "white miso." If butterfish is hard to come by, choose salmon, yellowtail (buri), scallop or Japanese Spanish mackerel (sawara) instead.

Cheap And Easy Stir-fried Bean Sprouts With Pork

Cheap and easy stir-fried bean sprouts with porkBean sprouts are an economical ingredient, yet they can easily becomes soggy or bland. Removing the roots improves the flavor, but doing so is cumbersome.

"You can remove some of the roots by soaking the sprouts in water and draining them in a sieve by hand," says chef and restaurant owner Tomoshige Ichikawa.

Simmered Flounder With Wakame

Simmered flounder with wakame"Nitsuke is eaten by dipping the fish in the sauce. The cooking liquid should not seep into the fish," says cooking expert Tatsuo Saito.

He uses "komochi-karei," or flounder with roe, but separates the roe from the fish. That prevents the fish from becoming overcooked while waiting for the roe to be done.

Nikujaga, A Meat-and-potatoes Favorite

Nikujaga, a meat-and-potatoes favoriteA much-loved favorite, "nikujaga" (meat and potatoes) is a simmered one-pot meal. "Using a drop-lid allows the simmering liquid to reach all the ingredients, and the flavors will seep in evenly," says cooking expert Atsuko Matsumoto.

The lid also prevents the evaporation of the liquid. Any type of beef may be used, says Matsumoto, who chose reasonably priced cheaper cuts of meat this time.

Manga-inspired Plates Add Another Dimension To Food

Manga-inspired plates add another dimension to foodDiners looking for a more entertaining entrée are finding themselves drawn to a Kyoto-based designer's line of manga-inspired dinner plates.

The bold, black-and-white plates, designed by 24-year-old Mika Tsutai, feature common manga tropes, such as jagged motion lines and written sound effects, to add another dimension to the dining experience.