June Flowers And Showers

June flowers and showers

The Yomiuri Shimbun Japanese irises are in full bloom as visitors stroll in the Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, on Wednesday, when the Japan Meteorological Agency announced the rainy season likely started for the Shikoku, Chugoku, Kinki, Tokai and Kanto-Koshin regions. Compared to an average year, the season arrived on time in the Chugoku and Kinki regions, two days late in the Shikoku region and a day early in the Tokai and Kanto-Koshin regions.

Melania Trump Visited Japanese Garden With Akie Abe

Melania Trump visited Japanese garden with Akie AbeFirst Lady Melania Trump is committed to continuing the White House garden tradition, showcasing her interest in a Saturday morning visit to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens with Akie Abe, wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"farm Domes" Pave Way For Veggie Production On New Level

"Farm Domes" pave way for veggie production on new levelFor years, Katsuyuki Kitagawa dreamed of living in a comfortable home in the shape of a dome-shaped manju dumpling, minus the bean paste.
For over a decade, his company Japan Dome House Co., based in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan, has come about as close to that realization as possible with the construction of a dome house made of next-generation polystyrene foam with various applications.

"megaphone-shaped" Holiday Home In Japan Prioritises Garden

"Megaphone-shaped" holiday home in Japan prioritises garden This holiday home by Japanese studios Taku Sakaushi Architects and OFDA has a tapered form that broadens towards a garden, but narrows where it meets a road, creating a secluded getaway in Karuizawa.
The site is hemmed on its northern edge by a street and by neighbouring properties on its other sides, so Taku Sakaushi and OFDA tried to create a design that ensures the house is not overlooked.

Japan’s Fantastic Emerald Green Algae

Japan’s fantastic emerald green algaeThink of Japanese gardens and candyfloss clouds of cherry blossom, canopies of bronze-leaved maples and arched red lacquer bridges might come to mind. Yet to me the understated beauty of Japanese horticulture goes far beyond this random collection of individual elements that are really just a handful of Western preconceptions.

10 Magical Japanese Gardens You Must Visit

10 magical Japanese gardens you must visitFor centuries, the Japanese have re-created their favourite native scenery in their gardens, not only in their pond plots but also in their more esoteric-looking stone-and-gravel dry gardens. Travelling by Japan's well-organised transport network is an excellent way to take in the country's scenery. The Shinkansen, or bullet train, provides an exhilarating overview of the country in rapid motion.

200,000 Flowers Create Giant Image Of Obama In Hiroshima

200,000 flowers create giant image of Obama in HiroshimaTwo hundred thousand red, white and blue salvia flowers have been used here to create a giant picture depicting U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Hiroshima.
“We want this picture to convey the desire for peace from Hiroshima where Obama made the historic visit,” said Tatsuya Ohata, 32, senior managing director of the Sera Yurien lily park.

Photo: Colorful Tribute

Photo: Colorful tributeAutumn-colored leaves decorate the slopes of Mount Ontake, which straddles Nagano and Gifu prefectures, on Sep. 25, 2016. An eruption at the mountain that left 63 dead or missing, the worst volcanic disaster in post-World War II Japan, marks its two-year anniversary on Sept. 27, 2016.

Photo: Taking The Floor

Photo: Taking the floorCitrus sudachi fruits are laid on the floor of a farmhouse in Kamiyama, Kochi Prefecture, for drying. After being dried for three to four days, their moisture content decreases substantially, making it difficult for the fruits to be damaged. If preserved in refrigerators, sudachi can be shipped until early spring next year.

San Mateo Celebrates Japanese Garden Anniversary

San Mateo celebrates Japanese Garden anniversaryFor more than 50 years, San Mateo’s Japanese Garden has served as a symbol of good will and cultural appreciation.

Throughout August, the city is commemorating the anniversary of the tranquil 1-acre garden with special events such as a bonsai workshop, martial arts demonstration, evening gala and more at Central Park near downtown.

Landscaper Lends Japanese Style To Local Gardens

Landscaper lends Japanese style to local gardensKoji Morimoto grew up in a peaceful village living “a classic Japanese lifestyle.” Only after immigrating to the United States in 1992, landing in California, then moving to upstate New York, did he fully appreciate what he had and became serious about Japanese gardening.

Tokyo’s Ultimate Japanese Garden At Chinzan-so

Tokyo’s Ultimate Japanese Garden at Chinzan-soIn few countries have the peace and serenity of nature been cultivated into stylized gardens, as Japan. The very term “Japanese garden” conjures up a sense of zen, where the placement of rocks is as important as the selection of flowers. The country has even designated three major gardens as national treasures.