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The Yomiuri ShimbunMaiko (apprentice geiko), dressed in formal black kimono, walk in Kyoto's entertainment district to pay courtesy calls on teahouses and their teachers of traditional arts on Tuesday. Known as hassaku, which originally referred to Aug. 1 on the lunar calendar, this has become a traditional summer practice in which geiko and maiko express thanks to people who have given them assistance.

Sapporo Geisha Get Shot In The Arm To Revive Failing Miserably Tradition

Sapporo geisha get shot in the arm to reestablish failing horrendously convention

SAPPORO- - More than 300 geisha once worked here in the Susukino district, which was known as the northernmost "kagai" (traditional delight region) in Japan. By and by there remains a measly 10.

But a far reaching number of associations and individuals have acted the legend in view of a request from the geisha gathering to help "keep the geisha culture in Hokkaido from kicking the basin out."

American Aspires To Fulfill Childhood Dream As Geisha In Japan

American aspires to fulfill childhood dream as geisha in JapanIn modern times joining the fascinating yet cloistered world of a geisha — even for young Japanese girls — is rare indeed.
But if you weren’t born Japanese and still harbor aspirations of becoming one of the traditional teahouse entertainers, though it’s probably easier than in centuries past, it’s still no walk in the park.

Kyoto’s Leisure Districts Start New Year

Kyoto’s leisure districts start New YearFour of the five traditional hanamachi entertainment districts in Kyoto held ceremonies to start business for the New Year on Saturday. Geiko (Kyoto’s version of geisha) and maiko apprentices pledged to develop dancing and other entertainment skills further for the year.

Geisha-style Greeting Dec 2016

Geisha-style greeting Dec 2016Apprentice geisha greet Yachiyo Inoue V, left -- head of the Inoue School of Kyomai, or Kyoto-style dance -- as part of the "Koto Hajime" year-end greetings ahead of preparations for the new year, in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto on Dec. 13, 2016.

Joanna Lumley's Japan

Joanna Lumley's JapanJoanna’s travelogues are always insightful and joyous thanks to her charming personality, genuine enthusiasm and ability to gain off-the-beaten-track access.

Morioka Embraces New Young Talent To Keep Geisha Tradition Alive

Morioka embraces new young talent to keep geisha tradition aliveMorioka, the capital of Iwate Prefecture, is striving to preserve and revitalize the time-honored tradition of geisha entertainers for which the city was once famous.
From the late 19th century through much of the 20th century, Morioka was a hub for outstanding geigi — synonymous with geisha — drawing political and business heavyweights to the area’s high-end traditional Japanese restaurants, known as ryotei, where the geigi performed.

‘maiko’ Center Revives Akita’s Dwindling Geisha Culture

‘Maiko’ center revives Akita’s dwindling geisha cultureAkita’s fading geisha culture has made a welcome comeback with the recent opening of a center that promotes the development of “maiko” (apprentice geisha).
Located in Senshu Park, Akita Bunka Sangyo Shisetsu Matsushita is housed inside a former Japanese restaurant. The center is operated by Sen Co., a local firm whose goal is to revive the lost geisha culture in the region by training and dispatching maiko.

Fusing Geisha Culture With Skater Style

Fusing Geisha Culture With Skater StyleNottingham born, Milligan Beaumont’s distinct fusion Japanese and street style brand Milbo launched soon after her graduation from Central Saint Martins. Her graduate collection enabled her to be an internationally recognised designer in both the UK and Hong Kong.