1994 Acura Legend Coupe Has Tech You Won't Find On A New Rlx

1994 Acura Legend Coupe Has Tech You Won't Find On A New RLXBefore Acura introduced its first-generation RL sedan back in the mid-90s, the 2nd-gen Legend was “the” car to have if you wanted something luxurious from the Japanese automaker’s stable.
You could even get one as a Coupe model, same as you could its predecessor, although newer Legends were a lot more technologically-advanced and better to drive. As for this one, it’s a 1994 Legend Coupe that reviewer Doug DeMuro sampled recently.Tech-savvy? Really?Absolutely. Consider this: a 1994 Acura Legend Coupe came with electric soft-close doors, something you won’t even find on a 2019 Acura RLX, which has a base price of just under $55,000. In fact, you’d be surprised how many brand new premium models don’t have soft-close doors, despite this technology having been around for a long time now.To be fair though, the soft-close door function was only available on the Legend Coupe, not the sedan.Other features include a power tilt-telescoping steering column, dual airbags as standard, automatic climate control, power four-way passenger seat, heated leather seats, heated mirrors, hands-free telephone and speed-sensitive steering.On the road, this is a big car from an era when you couldn’t just press a ‘Sport’ button and have everything sharpen up. This means body roll can be an issue, but only if you drive the Legend Coupe in a manner in which you probably shouldn’t – it’s more of a comfortable cruiser than anything else.