2014 Infiniti Qx80 - Vehicle Information Display

2014 Infiniti QX80 - Vehicle Information DisplayLocated between the vehicle's speedometer and tachometer is the vehicle information display. It displays operational information such as:

• Automatic transmission position indicator
• Distance Control Assist or (DCA) system (if so equipped)
• Intelligent Key operation
• Cruise control and Intelligent Cruise Control or (ICC) (if so equipped)
• INFINITI All-Mode 4 wheel drive (if so equipped)
• Trip Computer
• Tire Pressure
• Fuel Economy, and
• Other warnings and information

One of the vehicle information display modes is the Trip Computer. When this button is pressed, the following modes will appear on the vehicle information display:
• MPG -- Displays the current fuel consumption.
• MPG/MPH -- Displays the average fuel consumption and speed since the last reset.
• TIME/MILES -- Shows the elapsed time and total distance the vehicle has been driven since the last reset.
• RANGE -- Displays the estimated Distance To Empty or (DTE) the vehicle can be driven before refueling.
• OUTSIDE TEMP -- Gives the exterior air temperature including a low temperature warning feature.
• SETTING -- Allows you to set reminders for alerts and maintenance intervals or change the language and units used in the system.
• WARNINGs -- If there are any.

To reset the average fuel consumption, press and hold THIS switch for more than one second. The average speed will be reset at the same time.

In the Setting and Warning screen, press this button to cycle through the various modes available. Press this button to choose the selected menu.

Just below the vehicle information display, you'll find the odometer and twin trip odometer which are displayed when the ignition switch is in the ON position.

The odometer records the total distance the vehicle has been driven, while the twin trip odometer records the distance of two individual trips. You'll see the TRIP RESET switch on the left side of the instrument panel. Push it to change the display from trip A to trip B and back again. Push and hold the switch for more than one second to reset the selected odometer.

For more information, see your Owner's Manual.

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