2018 Nissan X - Trail Would Be The Perfect Suv - If This Was 2014

2018 Nissan X-Trail Would Be The Perfect SUV – If This Was 2014After its update for the 2018MY, the X-Trail received Nissan’s more aggressive front fascia, new LED rear lights, new safety features as well as some new colors, such as the Monarch Orange you see here.
Inside, despite boasting the automaker’s ProPilot semi-autonomous driving tech, the cabin itself won’t have you feel as “in line” with modern times as that of a Peugeot 5008, for example. Still, if money is not an issue, you can drive off in a really well spec’d X-Trail with heated front and rear seats, two-tone dash (for the range-topping Tekna), Bose sound system and quite a lot more.According to Carbuyer’s review, The X-Trail does score high when it comes to practicality, as there is plenty of room in the back and the seats can be moved forwards of backwards. As for which engine option you should choose, they recommend the 177 PS 2.0-liter diesel, as the 130 PS 1.6-liter one tested here wouldn’t be as good at towing.In the end, the revised 2018 X-Trail is a very competent, safe and practical compact SUV. Still, it will probably never feel like the most modern car in its class.