2020 Honda Fit (jazz) Renderings Look Cool, Though Not Fully Accurate

2020 Honda Fit (Jazz) Renderings Look Cool, Though Not Fully Accurate

A new generation of Honda’s Fit subcompact (or Jazz, as it is known in Europe) is on its way and the web got pretty excited about it when the first spy photos surfaced in September 2018.

Despite the full camouflage that covered the prototype, the images outlined a sleeker, better-proportioned body for the fourth-generation Fit. Sure, the characteristic one-box design remains, but the vehicle appeared to be wider and sportier than the current model.

Brazilian artist Kleber Silva has envisioned what the 2020 Honda Fit will look like without the camouflage, using photos of the third-gen model as a starting point. The result is easy on the eyes, whether you look at the front or at the rear of the car.

The face seems to be more consistent with the spy shots as far as the shape of the headlights is concerned, though the front bumper appears rather different than in the spy images. On the sides, the belt line looks too similar to the current model — on the new car, it doesn’t drop abruptly as it meets the front fender. Additionally, the glasshouse seems smaller on the 2020 prototype, though one can never be sure what’s under the camouflage.

Finally, the rear end is where we believe the Photoshop artist strayed too far from Honda’s test prototype as seen in the latest set of spy shots. The taillights inspired by the CR-V look pretty cool but the production car won’t get them. It’s pretty clear that the prototype features horizontal lamps and not boomerang-shaped units. Well, until Honda drops the camouflage off its all-new Fit, this rendered interpretation is the next best thing, we suppose.