2020 Toyota Highlander: All - New Suv Teased And Ready For Ny Show Debut

2020 Toyota Highlander: All-New SUV Teased And Ready For NY Show Debut

Toyota’s next-generation 2020 Highlander crossover is scheduled to make its official public debut at the New York International Auto Show next Wednesday, April 17th at 9:10 a.m EDT.

Ahead of its unveiling, the Japanese automaker has sought the services of augmented reality artist Michael Murphy in order to create a 3D illusion that sees the Highlander suspended on nearly-invisible strings like something out of the ending of Interstellar.

A more dynamic design

This very same 3D rendering will also be projected into the night sky on buildings around New York City leading up to the show, allowing people the chance to admire some of the 2020 Highlander’s new design lines, including what Toyota describes as a “powerful stance with a modern, sophisticated attitude.”

As for how long it took Murphy to create the 3D illusion, apparently that was a two-month long process. He began by creating 3D printouts using a rendering of the car, before hand-painting each piece. In the end, 200 individual pieces was strategically placed to make the 2020 Highlander appear three-dimensional as if floating through the air.

What does it really look like?

We brought you images of a prototype back in February that didn’t have those annoying cardboard panels applied to the bodywork, like older test cars. Thanks to the more conventional camouflage, we could tell that the 2020 Highlander looked slightly bigger than the current model, while featuring a RAV4-inspired design with a large grille and sleek headlights that seem to push back into front fenders.

Still, we expect the Highlander to feature an overall elegant design compared to the youthful RAV4, using a more angled D-pillar.

While no specifics have been released to the public, we believe Toyota has focused on helping the Highlander lose a bit of weight, while also giving it more efficient powertrains – meaning some type of an electrified variant is definitely in the cards.