2020 Toyota Models Can Automatically Shift Into Park And Shut Off The Engine

2020 Toyota Models Can Automatically Shift Into Park And Shut Off The Engine

Toyota has announced two new safety features that are designed to help forgetful drivers.

The first is called "Auto Shut Off" and it will be equipped on most 2020 Toyota models in the United States. As the name suggests, the system will automatically turn off the engine after a pre-determined period of time.

The system is designed to prevent owners from accidentally leaving their car idling for an extended time. This can be potentially dangerous if a driver parks a car in their garage and accidentally leaves it running.

Besides the ability to automatically shut off the engine, Toyota says future enhancements to the system will include notifications which can be sent to a smartphone app.

The second safety feature is called "Automatic Park." It will begin rolling out on 2020 models which are equipped with an "electronic means of shifting and/or applying the parking brake."

The system will automatically shift the car into park or apply the electronic parking brake, if the driver accidentally exits the vehicle without putting the transmission into park. Toyota says the technology builds on their current audible and visual warnings which alert drivers if the vehicle isn’t in park.

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Toyota said the new features are part of their "relentless commitment to continuous improvement." While owners shouldn’t rely on the systems, they’re nice features that will hopefully prevent clueless drivers from hurting themselves or other people.