2020 Toyota Supra Sets Impressive Lap Time At Buttonwillow Raceway

2020 Toyota Supra Sets Impressive Lap Time At Buttonwillow Raceway

The new 2020 Toyota Supra was not designed as an out-and-out track car but this clip proves that when let loose on the right kind of track, it is capable of setting some seriously impressive times.

The guys over at Evasive Motorsport recently took out their black Supra to Buttonwillow Raceway in Southern California and with pro drift Dai Yoshihara behind the wheel, set a best time of 1:58.92. To put that into perspective, the best time set by a 997-generation Porsche 911 GT2 around the same circuit is a 1:59.7, proving that while the Supra has significantly less power, it’s right at home on the race track.

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Rather than calling it a day with this brisk sub-2-minute lap time, Evasive Motorsport want to head back to the circuit chasing an even faster lap time. However, before they do so, are planning on modifying the 2020 Supra to improve its handling.

According to Yoshihara, the Japanese coupe rolls a little too much for his liking and the standard tires are lacking the grip he’d like. With new suspension, sway bars, and sticky rubber, the tuner is very confident the Supra can be much faster without any powertrain modifications.

Toyota says the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine powering the new Supra pumps out 335 hp but we know it has much more than that. Also contributing to the impressive speeds the Supra is capable of is an eight-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. This may not be the type of gearbox many enthusiasts want but it certainly helps out when it comes to lap times.