2020 Toyota Supra Shows Its Uncensored Face For The First Time

2020 Toyota Supra Shows Its Uncensored Face For The First TimeThis is probably not the way Toyota would have wanted you to see the all-new 2020 Supra for the first time, but here it is.
The folks from the SupraMKV forum have managed to get hold of the most revealing picture so far of the much-anticipated Japanese (or should we say half-Japanese?) sports car.Seen here right before being unloaded from a transporter truck, the 2020 Supra reveals the front end in all its FT-1-inspired glory. Yes, Toyota has remained consistent when it comes to the design of the all-new Supra and has used the FT-1 Concept as a source of inspiration.While it doesn’t look surprising given the buildup to the launch that began several years ago, this is the Supra face you’re going to see on the street — hopefully in high numbers. The headlights have a similar shape to those on the study, as does the protruding nose.However, the lower part of the bumper features a different design with three air intakes instead of two — the one in the center didn’t exist on the concept car. The vents at the outer edges of the headlights have survived, though, but they are less massive than on the FT-1.*Developing