2020 Toyota Yaris Getting Trd Parts In Japan Next Year

2020 Toyota Yaris Getting TRD Parts In Japan Next Year

A few days after the all-new Toyota Yaris was unveiled, the first image of one equipped with various TRD parts has been shared on the company's Japanese website.

Adorning the new Yaris is a front fascia with a gaping-wide grille so big it seems to have been borrowed from a Lexus. The TRD model retains this grille and adds a carbon fiber divider to split it in two. Another intriguing design choice are two blotches of black paint between the headlights and the grille.

Elsewhere, Toyota’s performance division has engineered new aerodynamic add-ons on either side of the front bumper seemingly finished in carbon fiber with a red accent. Other modifications visible from this single image are distinct black wheels, extended side skirts with red pinstriping, a vinyl graphic and wind deflectors on the side windows.

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Images showing the rear of a TRD-equipped Yaris aren’t available yet, although we have a hunch that the changes will be just as eye-catching.

It is reported that the full array of TRD parts for the Yaris will be available in Japan from February 2020, but there’s no info concerning them being offered in international markets as well.

Underpinning the fourth-generation Yaris is a new platform dubbed the GA-B, based around the company’s Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) architecture. The car is shorter, wider, and lower than its predecessor and, according to Toyota, much more pleasing to drive.