2021 Nissan Patrol/armada Caught Testing In The Middle East

2021 Nissan Patrol/Armada Caught Testing In The Middle East

It's been a long time since Nissan gave us a new Armada and an even longer one for a new Patrol. However, we just got hold of a set of spy shots and videos portraying the next-generation Patrol/Armada during testing in the UAE.

Nissan has been selling the current generation of the full-size Armada SUV in North America since 2016, which in turn is a rebadged version of the Patrol that’s been around since 2010 – that is, edging its retirement.

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The Japanese company’s upcoming full-size SUV is expected to retain the current 5.6-liter petrol V8 modified for better efficiency. Since the key markets for the Patrol/Armada are still the US and the Middle East, Nissan doesn’t consider electrification, at least according to our reports.

Nissan apparently feels that adding a battery pack and electric motors isn’t going to help the case of its full-size SUV, as customers are less keen on saving fuel and the extra components will add more weight to an already heavy vehicle. However, and since this is based on rumors, it won’t be a huge surprise if Nissan goes ahead and offers its biggest SUV with either a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid powertrain, at least in certain markets, to reduce its emissions footprint. The engine range will also include a V6 option, but we still don’t know if it’ll be a naturally aspirated or a turbocharged unit.

The design of the new model will stay faithful to the Patrol/Armada’s rugged character, albeit with a much-needed injection of modern detailing, including LED lights, and a new take on Nissan’s front grille.

Finally, according to Almuraba, Nissan is expected to reveal the new Patrol/Armada in 2020, with sales to commence in 2021.

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2021 Nissan Patrol/Armada Caught Testing In The Middle East2021 Nissan Patrol/Armada Caught Testing In The Middle East2021 Nissan Patrol/Armada Caught Testing In The Middle East