26 Years After Building The First Camry, Toyota Team Member Parks The 10 - Millionth In His Driveway

26 Years After Building the First Camry, Toyota Team Member Parks the 10-Millionth in His DrivewayThey say hard work is its own reward, but getting the keys to a new car makes it even better. Just ask Tom Keith. He was the envy of all 7,000 Toyota Georgetown team members when the company announced he had won a 2014 Camry in a random drawing of team members during a ceremony Wednesday, August 27. This wasn’t just any white Camry, this was the 10-millionth vehicle made at the plant since the first Camry rolled off the line in 1988 (another white Camry). Tom Keith is a team member in the Quality Control Department and has been with the company for 26 years.

In fact, he is one of the remaining 200 or so team members still working at the plant since the first Camry rolled off the line. Keith lives in Scott County with his wife Paula. They have four grown children, one in high school, two daughters attending college and one son who is an archeologist in Florida.

While TMMK’s first Camry was preserved for historical purposes and resides in the plant’s visitor center, it was decided that the 10 millionth vehicle would be awarded to a lucky team member via a random drawing. “It’s highly appropriate that our 10 millionth vehicle goes to one of the team members who made this milestone possible,” said TMMK Plant President Wil James. “Our team members are the heart and soul of this company, and they make all of our successes possible.”

After hearing the news of his good luck, Tom said, “I’m in shock.” “I’m going to surprise my wife. She works at the Scott County Library and drives a 2007 Avalon. I’m going to go over there this afternoon, move her car out and park the new Camry in her space. She’s going to scream.”