3 - Wheeled Ev Features Maximum Speed Of 100km/h

3-wheeled EV Features Maximum Speed of 100km/hToyota Tsusho Electronics Corp exhibited a three-wheeled electric vehicle (EV) developed based on a tricycle at Automotive World 2017.
The company also showed the EV at Automotive World 2016.

The tricycle is based on a two-wheeled vehicle equipped with a sidecar. It is manufactured in China and sold in Europe. Toyota Tsusho Electronics added a motor, inverter and lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery to the chassis of the two-wheeled vehicle. The three-wheeled EV measures 2,600 (L) x 1,300 (W) x 770mm (H).

Before prototyping the three-wheeled EV, Toyota Tsusho Electronics developed a prototype of an EV based on a four-wheeled buggy. However, it is a single-seater, and the output of its motor is as low as 600W or lower. Also, its acceleration performance is low. Therefore, the company employed the two-seater, lightweight tricycle whose driving performance can be easily improved.

The three-wheeled EV has two front wheels and one rear wheel. Instead of using its engine to drive the rear wheel, the company placed the Li-ion battery right behind the seats and the motor behind the battery, and the rear wheel is driven by a belt.

The motor is an AC induction motor manufactured by a Japanese manufacturer, and its maximum output is 11.7kW. The battery unit consists of 840 18650-type Li-ion battery cells, and its capacity is 10kWh. The inverter is also manufactured in Japan.

Because it is a three-wheeled vehicle, the mass of the EV is as low as 300kg. As a result, its acceleration performance is equivalent to that of normal cars, and its maximum speed is 100km/h, despite the relatively low motor output.

Moreover, with the light mass, the EV can travel 160km per charge. Its efficiency is 16km/kWh, which is much higher than that of commercially-available four-wheeled EVs (6km/kWh).