Acura Type S Concept Is A Sexy Sign Of Good Things To Come

Acura Type S Concept Is A Sexy Sign Of Good Things To Come

The Type S moniker has been brought back from the dead, 11 years after it was last seen in Acura‘s lineup. Mind you, it's not being used on a production car yet, but on a very attractive concept, unveiled earlier this week, which serves as a preview for the TLX Type S.

With curves in all the right places, a new and more elegant grille design, large air intakes at the front, a clean silhouette and a rear end that could scare away an Alfa Romeo Giulia driver, the Type S Concept is one head-turning car.

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Unfortunately, Acura hasn’t opened it up yet, but it says it has a functioning interior. There’s no word on what powers it either, but when Acura announced that they will revive the Type S brand early last year, they confirmed the development of a new turbo’d V6, paired to the latest iteration of the brand’s all-wheel drive system. The show car also gets high-performance brakes from Brembo, with four piston calipers.

Should you want to see the Type S Concept in the flesh, then you’ll want to head on down to the Monterey Car Week, as it will be displayed over there from August 15. You can also take a closer look at it in the following walkaround video, posted by KelleyBlueBlook, which highlights some of its most eye-catching elements.