Acura/honda Nsx Type R On Track For 2019 Tokyo Motor Show Premiere?

Acura/Honda NSX Type R On Track For 2019 Tokyo Motor Show Premiere?

2019 is probably the year when Acura/Honda will launch a more extreme version of the NSX, which might get the Type R moniker like its iconic predecessor, and will reportedly premiere in October at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

Without divulging their source(s), Forbes reports that the NSX Type R will benefit from a power boost. It’s still unknown how this will be achieved, but they could tune either the 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V6 or the three electric motors – or all of them… In any case, maximum output will be higher than the current model’s 573 hp (581 PS / 427 kW), with the publication claiming that it will stand at 650 hp.

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Other modifications will include a stiffer suspension and larger carbon-ceramic brakes. Furthermore, the NSX Type R is believed to sport a new body kit, with added aero parts like the front splitter and rear wing inspired by the NSX GT3 racer.

The latter could serve as an inspiration point for other aspects, including the all-wheel drive setup that might be ditched in favor of rear-wheel drive, although considering that this would require major changes to the hybrid powertrain, it is considered highly unlikely.

The 2019 NSX has an MSRP of $157,500 – and you don’t have to be a bean counter to know that the Type R will command a significant premium. The rumor mill speaks of a starting price of around $200,000 – or about $10k more expensive than a Porsche 991 Turbo S.

We contacted Acura inquiring about the NSX Type R, and we’ll keep you posted once we hear from them.