All - New 2019 Lexus Es Leaks With A Sharp, Modern Front End

All-New 2019 Lexus ES Leaks With A Sharp, Modern Front EndA brand new and very angular-looking Lexus ES is coming our way, and judging by this leaked image, it’s going to inject some LS flavor into the mid-size executive saloon segment.
The image comes courtesy of Almuraba, and gives us a pretty clear indication of what we can expect once the whole car is officially unveiled – something that might happen as soon as this year’s Beijing Motor Show, scheduled for April 25. But until then, let’s run through what we can see.While the front grille and headlight design both point to the larger LS saloon as inspiration, the latter aren’t exactly identical with those found on the automaker’s flagship model. On the LS, the LED Daytime Running Light “swoosh” is less embedded into the light cluster than it is on the ES.Here, there is less separation between the two, making the entire unit look a little bulkier than it does on the LS. On the other hand, the grille design appears almost identical, except for the upper edges which point back towards the hood, and the inner pattern which looks more conservative (no more interlocking Lexus ‘L’ motifs).*Developing story