Another Toyota Supra Proves Its Mettle On The Dyno, Tuners Rejoice!

Another Toyota Supra Proves Its Mettle On The Dyno, Tuners Rejoice!

There's a new video showing the new Toyota Supra putting out significantly more power than the official ratings, which kind of cements the rumors that have been circulating for the past few months.

Evidence of the Toyota Supra being more powerful than advertised first landed in late May, with one of the first examples revealing that it produces 339 HP and 427lb-ft (578Nm) of torque at the wheel during a test from Car&Driver.

Car Throttle took a UK press car to the dyno in order to see just how much power there is under that sculpted body and quelle surprise, it also pushes way bigger figures than it’s supposed to.

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This car put out 376 HP and 410lb-ft (555Nm) of torque – probably at the crank, but the video doesn’t make it clear- over the official 335 HP and 364lb-ft (494Nm).

Since the news first broke that BMW would provide the hardware for the new Toyota Supra, experts in the tuning world knew that it would be very easy to extract more horsepower from the reborn Japanese icon.

Surrey Rolling Road, which tested Car Throttle’s Supra, basically confirmed that the B58 engine used here and in various BMWs is, as always, performing above its official ratings. They also found that the engine in the Supra is a bit restricted at the top of rev range, which means the tuning potential is even bigger than you might think.

How big? Charlie from Surrey Rolling Road says that a BMW M140i, which uses a previous version of the same engine, can, with a remap and an exhaust, comfortably push 450 HP and reckons that the Supra has a lot more power hidden inside.