Bmw 3 - Series Gt Owner Subconsciously Wanted A Honda Type R

BMW 3-Series GT Owner Subconsciously Wanted A Honda Type R

When BMW came out with the 3-Series Gran Turismo back in 2013, most weren’t exactly thrilled with its design that was, well, not bad, yet also not one of Bavaria’s finest moments.

The thing that some people didn’t realize was that by using the China-only long wheelbase sedan chassis for the 3 GT, BMW managed to create a car that’s shockingly extremely spacious and practical, comfortable and not at all bad to drive.

One would think that, upon investing in such a model, you’d understand its purpose and give its due credit. We guess most do, but some beg to differ. Take for example the owner of this dual-tone 3 GT who, for some reason, decided that what their car needed was a Honda Civic Type R “mod”.

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Aside from the small rear window louvers (which should impact rear visibility), the car also boasts multiple new badges that don’t belong, such as the ‘Type R’ badge found on the fuel cap, or the ‘Racing’ logo on the tailgate.

It’s safe to say that this BMW doesn’t look any more sportier than it did – just odd. As for the photo itself, it seems to have originated from Indian website Team-BHP, although we actually found it on Reddit’s main thread for bad car mods, where it arguably belongs.

By the way, if you really want is a somewhat sporty looking version of the 3-Series Gran Turismo, just go with an M Sport variant and be done with it.