Bmw Zupra: Here's What The New Toyota Supra Looks Like With A Bmw Z4 Face

BMW Zupra: Here's What The New Toyota Supra Looks Like With A BMW Z4 Face

While the BMW Z4 and the all-new Toyota Supra share a common platform, as well as multiple components and even engines, they do look way more different than, let’s say, a Subaru BRZ and a Toyota 86 do.

But then again, one (Z4) is a roadster, and the other (Supra), a coupe. So, what would happen if they also shared the same bodystyle?

As you know, the new Z4 was first to the table, featuring a wide twin-kidney grille design for the front, large air intakes, sweptback headlights and a dynamically-styled hood. The Supra, on the other hand, has an even more aggressive-looking front fascia, with massive teardrop headlights and flared wheel arches.

BMW didn’t really take any massive risks with the profile and rear end design of its latest Z4. The German roadster has sharp yet clean lines, while the L-shaped taillights add more visual width to the rear end, helping the car seem more planted.

Toyota went another way with the Supra, giving it a more distinctive form factor, with powerful rear wheel arches to mirror the front ones and a more “exotic” rear pillar design, if you will. It looks more like a supercar than the BMW Z4, which was probably the plan all along.

But what if someone took the Supra’s aggressive rear end and combined it with the Z4’s more…PG-13 front fascia? Well, it so happens that someone did, with designer Kleber Silva mixing the two models together to create the BMW Supra, or the Toyota Z4, whichever works for you.

The end result is, let’s say interesting, as it makes you think about what a hypothetical BMW Z4 Coupe could look like. Otherwise, the two design languages don’t blend as well as one might initially think, which is evident as soon as you look at the rear, the creases on the hood and the shape of the front spoiler.