Can The 2019 Toyota Camry Appeal To European Buyers?

Can The 2019 Toyota Camry Appeal To European Buyers?

Last time Toyota sold the Camry in Europe, YouTube hadn't been invented yet. But America’s best is back in the Old Continent in a modern package that keeps emissions in check, too, as a replacement to the Avensis.

With cars like the facelifted Skoda Superb in its sight, the 2019 Camry brings a familiar styling, 524 liters (18.5 cu-ft) of boot space, sufficient room in the back for taller passengers and a somewhat more premium feel than other smaller Toyotas. The equipment level won’t disappoint and neither will storage spaces, functionality of the infotainment system and soundproofing.

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The new Camry is only available with a hybrid powertrain in Europe. The 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine and electric motor produce a combined output of 218 hp. The average fuel economy, measured in the WLTP cycle, is 5.3 l/100 km (53.3 mpg UK / 44.4 mpg US), which is not bad considering the size of the car. Achieving that figure in the real world may be tricky, but not impossible. Still, more realistically speaking, drivers should expect at least 6 l/100 km (47.1 mpg UK / 39.2 mpg US).

The acceleration is swift, but it’s not the kind of car that will encourage spirited driving, being more of a comfortable cruiser.

Pricing kicks off £29,995 ($38,107/€33,859) in the United Kingdom and just a little under €40,000 ($45,014) in Germany. In Ireland, which is where this review took place, it starts at €39,750 ($44,733) and can be had in three grades named Hybrid, Sol and Platinum.