Can The New Nissan Leaf With 200 - Mile Range Convince You To Go Green?

Can The New Nissan Leaf With 200-Mile Range Convince You To Go Green?Electric vehicles aren’t a small niche anymore, and have witnessed a significant increase in sales over the past few years.
One of the first to launch an all-electric car was Nissan. Their first-gen Leaf wasn’t that refined, though, and its range was limited.Things have drastically changed with the introduction of the second-gen Leaf, as it brings a 60 kWh battery option and over 200 miles (322+ km) of zero-emission driving. Using a 240V socket takes about 8 hours to charge the battery, and if you’re in a hurry, you can use the fast charger to bring the battery to an 80 percent charge in 40 minutes. On the other hand, with a standard 120V socket, the Leaf’s battery will be topped up in 30 hours.Also Watch: Budget EV Battle: Nissan Leaf Takes On VW e-Golf And Renault ZoeThe interior of the new Leaf looks quite nice. The seating position seems higher than in most cars, the infotainment system can get you Apple and Android smartphone connectivity, and build quality is improved.The odd gear selector may seem tricky to use at first, but Consumer Reports said that it has an easy learning curve. The reviewer was, however, disappointed in the tight headroom at the back, the fact that folding down the rear seats doesn’t create a flat loading area and that the steering is not quick to respond and there is some body lean when cornering.On the plus side, the daily commute in congested traffic will be more pleasant in the new Leaf, thanks to the optional ProPilot semi-autonomous driving system. This clever feature requires drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times, bringing the car to a controlled stop if they don’t, but it’s a nice gizmo to have. So, is the new Leaf the car that can finally make you go electric? Perhaps the following video might help you make up your mind.