Canadian Honda Driver Tries To Parallel Park, Ends Up Crashing And Rolling Over

Canadian Honda Driver Tries To Parallel Park, Ends Up Crashing And Rolling Over

Four people were injured in a crash in downtown Vancouver earlier this week after the driver of a Honda reversed across the sidewalk and rolled the sedan onto its roof.

Footage of the incident shows the driver of the black Honda attempting to parallel park. However, it seems as though the driver mistook the accelerator for the brake pedal and the car quickly accelerated back, jumping over the curb, slamming into a concrete plant bed, and rolling onto its roof.

If you watch the footage closely, you will see at least three people standing near the plant bed as the Honda rolls over. Two of them can be seen narrowly avoiding getting crushed by the car.

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Vancouver Police Department Sgt. Aaron Roed told the Daily Hive that a total of four people were injured in the crash and that all were transported to local hospitals for treatment. Two of the people injured were occupants in the vehicle while the other two were pedestrians. He said the condition of those injured remains unknown.

Authorities closed Hornby Street where the crash occurred as they investigated the incident.

As unfortunate as it is that four people were injured, things could have been worse. Just seconds before the incident, two cyclists can be seen riding directly past where the Honda reversed over the curb and careened across the sidewalk. Had these cyclists been just a little bit slower, they could have been struck and badly injured.