Choose A Supermini: Seat Ibiza Vs Skoda Fabia Vs Toyota Yaris

Choose A Supermini: Seat Ibiza vs Skoda Fabia vs Toyota Yaris

If you’re looking to buy a brand new supermini, there are plenty of automakers that can offer you a latest-generation model, such as Ford’s latest Fiesta or Citroen’s new C3.

But what if you absolutely had to choose between a Seat Ibiza, a Skoda Fabia or a Toyota Yaris? Is there a clear cut winner here or is it just a matter of how much each of them retails for in various markets around the world? The answer, according to Carwow, is that you should get the Ibiza without thinking twice.

On paper, these three cars should be rather similar, but after hearing the reviwer talk about how they compare, you might be tempted to forget all about the Yaris and the Fabia and walk directly into a Seat dealership.

The Spanish supermini does have a lot going for it. Not only it its cabin to better built than that of its rivals, it’s also more comfortable, especially in the back where there’s plenty of head and knee room. Since this is 2019, we should definitely also mention that the Ibiza’s infotainment system comes off as vastly superior to that of its Czech and Japanese rivals.

Then there’s the issue of how these cars drive, a category where the Ibiza yet again came out on top thanks to its more modern underpinnings. It handles better than the Fabia and Yaris, and it’s quieter overall. But you can watch the full review in the video that follows.