Classic Acura Nsx Time Attack Racer Has 700 Hp And Is Street Legal

Classic Acura NSX Time Attack Racer Has 700 HP And Is Street Legal

The original Acura/Honda NSX is definitely a ride for purists. But if you get past its iconic status and resale value and invest some serious money upgrading it, monsters such as this one are born.

Say hello to the 1992 NSX that constantly gets raced in the Time Attack series. It was introduced to the racing world at a young age, and over the years changed hands several times. With its current owner, however, it has pretty much reached its peak.

The engine is not the original item, but comes from another NSX. It has a twin-turbo setup and quite a few mods that allow it to deliver 700 ground horsepower, according to the owner, which is almost 500 hp more than the stock model.

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A tuned chassis, new brakes and exhaust, carbon fiber aerodynamic upgrades and 9×17-inch front and 12×18-inch rear Forgestar wheels, wrapped in Hoosier A7 tires that last only 3 laps (!), make it an absolute beast, allowing it to corner way better than the (already sublime) stock NSXs. It’s also ditched the pop-up headlights for aftermarket fixed items.

In order to comply with the racing standards of the Time Attack series and other competitions, the interior had to be updated as well. So, it has a pair of Recaro seats with racing harnesses and a new steering wheel. The cockpit’s clean design has been preserved (is that an S2000 instrument cluster that’s shown for a split second?) and everything looks very good.

After it makes a stand at the track, this NSX doesn’t need to be loaded up into the trailer, as it’s street legal. But we’d better let the owner talk you through it in the video right below, as the car was recently featured in a Hoonigan episode.