Crashing Your New Toyota Supra On Track Makes For A Teachable Moment

Crashing Your New Toyota Supra On Track Makes For A Teachable Moment

For a car that entered production just earlier this year, the fifth-gen Toyota Supra has had its fair share of accidents. The latest to come to our attention took place during a time attack challenge on a race-track that left a mildly-modded 2020 Supra in ruins.

The video that follows begins with the driver, Jackie Ding, talking about the car’s new tires. It then cuts to the moment before the impact that was captured by at least two cameras, including the one mounted on his helmet, which went rolling in the air as the Supra hit the tire wall.

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Ding accepts on film that, while he wasn’t pushing the Supra to its limits, it was his fault as he misjudged the turn, stepped on the grass and well, crashed. Luckily, nobody was injured, though the same cannot be said about the Supra that come out badly bruised. In the aftermath clip, we can see the wrinkled sheet-metal (and plastics), including the front bumper, hood, fenders and driver’s side door. Perhaps more troubling are the damages we can’t see with the naked eye.

The driver explained that he wants to bring the Supra back from the dead, but if there are (cost-prohibiting) structural issues with the car, then getting a new one is definitely on his agenda.

Note: The video contains NSFW language