Custom Toyota Pickup Displays Epic Rock Crawling Skills

Custom Toyota Pickup Displays Epic Rock Crawling SkillsIf you like off-road vehicles and the outdoors, the most extreme combination of those two factors can be found in rock crawling, an activity that requires highly modified machines able to overcome seemingly impassable obstacles.
Let’s just say that regardless how capable your Land Rover is, it would be really far removed from its element if faced with these types of rough, jagged challenges.This is where highly modified Jeeps, pickup trucks and buggies come in handy, boasting massively upgraded suspensions, locking differentials, huge off-road tires, a roll cage, high levels of torque, custom shocks and even four-wheel steering. You don’t just need grip; you need a way to put the power down despite some very sleek and uneven surfaces.As for this Toyota pickup, it looks as formidable as just about any other off-roader we can imagine. The video shows how the driver managed to escape not one, but two seemingly impossible situations. First, it climbed out of a pretty big hole, and then, for its grand finale, it managed to advance despite at one point almost resting completely on its side – yet another GTA-worthy move.The video was shot in Penrose, Colorado, and, according to the description, the setting is one of the state’s most challenging off-road obstacle trails.