Daihatsu Lets You Customize The Copen With Interchangable Body Panels

Daihatsu Lets You Customize The Copen With Interchangable Body PanelsDaihatsu is offering Japanese owners of the tiny Copen the ability to order interchangeable body panels to customize the look of their vehicles.
Dubbed Dress-Formation, the company has developed two unique looks for the small two-seater sports car and customers can opt to order an entire new body for their vehicle or instead opt for an alternative front fascia or rear fascia.

For starters, there is the normal look of the Copen which we have become familiar with. As for the second body option, it includes a selection of bespoke parts and apart from retaining the same basic shape as the regular model, looks dramatically different.

At the front end it includes a set of reshaped headlights which have necessitated the addition of a new hood, bumper and front quarter panels. Additionally, the grille has been redesigned to now include a painted central element and a new black honeycomb mesh design. Additionally, the new front end includes different fog lights and a more aggressive lower chin area.

Meanwhile the rear is characterised by bespoke taillights, changed reflective markings, a custom bumper and restyled fog lights.

Customers can order the entire setup for 317,000 yen ($3,069) or the front/rear fascias for 176,000 yen ($1,704) each.