Daihatsu's Commercial Ev Features Flat Floor Surface

Daihatsu's Commercial EV Features Flat Floor Surface

Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd showed a concept model of a commercial electric vehicle (EV) that features a flat floor.

The concept car, "DN Pro Cargo," was exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which was open to the public from Oct 28 to Nov 5, 2017. Batteries were arranged so that the floor surface becomes flat and goods can be easily loaded.

The catch phrase of the EV is a "reliable buddy that expands the future of work."

Daihatsu's "Hijet Cargo" commercial FR (front-engine, rear-wheel-drive) vehicle has its engine under the front seats (not under the front hood) to load a large amount of luggage, forming irregularities on the floor surface.

On the other hand, EV motors can be made smaller than engines. In addition, it becomes possible to make a flat floor by arranging batteries.

"While the cost of EV battery is high and EVs tend to be heavy because of batteries, there is an advantage of making a flat floor and improving convenience," Daihatsu said.

The dimensions of the concept car are 3,395 (L) x 1,475 x (W) x 1,995mm (H). Its riding capacity is two persons.

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