Does The Latest Toyota Supra Work As A Four - Door Gt?

Does The Latest Toyota Supra Work As A Four-Door GT?

Four-door grand tourers are some of the hottest cars around nowadays, along with sloped-roof SUVs and pretty much any type of crossover actually.

Here however, we’ll be focusing only on this hypothetical four-door version of Toyota’s fifth and latest-generation Supra sports car, which on paper has a relatively compact size. It measures 172.4 inches (4,380 mm) in length and has a 97.2-inch (2,470 mm) long wheelbase.

Obviously, in order to take on another row of doors, that wheelbase would have to be extended, as would the roof and the rear window (ever so slightly). The car is otherwise the same as before, minus the rear fender vents which had to go in order to make room for the second set of doors.

The drawing comes courtesy of Kolesa and if Toyota ever decides to build a 4-door Supra using the current-gen model, we really can’t imagine them making a car that would look considerably different than the one rendered here.

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Now, in case you’re not completely disgusted by the idea of a more family-friendly version of this iconic nameplate, let’s try and figure out what type of company it could keep in terms of possible rivals.

The likes of the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe and Audi A5 Sportback immediately come to mind, even though those would definitely be more practical solutions compared to the Toyota, which in the end probably wouldn’t have that much rear leg-room, despite the longer wheelbase. Maybe the 2019 Honda Civic Sedan would work too, but it still wouldn’t be a perfect comparison.

Ultimately, a four-door Toyota Supra would probably be in a league of its own, which might actually be a good thing. Still, don’t expect Toyota to experiment with such an iconic model anytime soon.