Driving A Nissan Skyline Gt - R R32 In The U.s. Is The Mark Of A True Petrolhead

Driving A Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 In The U.S. Is The Mark Of A True Petrolhead

If you live in the United States and drive a Skyline GT-R R32, you are clearly a true automotive enthusiast. Mark Hutchinson fits the description to a t.

In the following video, he explains what it is like to own an old GT-R imported from Japan and how driving such an iconic sports car makes him feel, particularly through the canyons.

Hutchinson was first introduced into the wondrous world of JDM sports cars back in 1995 when a classmate showed him a Japanese car magazine. From that moment on, he was fascinated by vehicles like the Nissan Silvia and Skyline. In 2017, when the 25-year-import ban lifted for 1992 model year GT-Rs, he imported one.

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"I had to wait 22 years to get this car," Hutchinson told Hagerty, "but that last six months was the longest wait of my life. It’s like running a marathon and then not being able to cover that last inch. Once I got the car, though, you couldn’t wipe the grin off my face."

Whether you personally have a fascination with sports cars from Japan or not, the video of Hutchinson driving his prized R32 does perfectly highlight just how significant cars can be to enthusiasts like ourselves.

The Skyline has long been a favorite for tuning companies, but he has chosen kept his car largely stock to retain its heritage. We wouldn’t have it any other way.