Dui Suspect Leads Police On L.a. Chase In Honda Civic, Then He Walks Away

DUI Suspect Leads Police On L.A. Chase In Honda Civic, Then He Walks Away

The driver of a silver Honda Civic pursued by the police in a high-speed chase through Los Angeles was left to walk away, although the authorities say he will soon be arrested.

NBC Los Angeles reports that the chase started on Sunday at 5:11 p.m. in Whittier.

Police pursued the 2006 Honda, following it onto the 10 Freeway and then onto the 710 and eastbound 60. A police helicopter was also deployed to provide air support. Footage captured from the police helicopter showed the man pull into the driveway of a home in Montebello, California before he opened a gate and ran inside.

Officers soon arrived at the house and a standoff began. It is thought that they were in direct contact with a family member of the suspect in the house and, after approximately one hour, police called an end to the standoff.

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While the speedster may have got off without being arrested, authorities have informed local media outlets that they’re familiar with the man and his address and plan on following up with him where he will likely be detained.

The LAPD were able to distinguish the suspect’s Civic from many others driving around at the same time as it was lacking a front bumper. Footage from the police helicopter actually showed that the missing front bumper was laying in the backyard of the suspect.

Authorities believe the man may have been driving while under the influence – and, although they chose not to escalate the situation when the incident occurred, the culprit will inevitably face the consequences of his actions.