False Hope? Toyota Files Trademark Application For 'celica'

False Hope? Toyota Files Trademark Application for ‘Celica’

Toyota might be going nostalgia crazy. It’s already bringing the Supra back, and now the Celica could return as well. 

Toyota has filed an application for the trademark “Celica” on August 31, 2017 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, suggesting the Japanese automaker has plans to revive the nameplate. Although the last-generation Celica didn’t exactly win over the hearts of enthusiasts, there are so many crossovers and SUVs these days that any sports car addition is welcomed.

Currently, Toyota offers the 86 sports car in the U.S., and eventually the Supra’s successor will arrive based on the same platform underpinning the new BMW Z4 roadster.

But if you follow Toyota’s rich history of sports cars, you’ll know the company used to have a “three brothers” lineup featuring the Celica, MR2, and Supra. Although there are rumors of an MR2 revival as well, it’s likely Toyota will continuing using the 86 as its compact rear-wheel-drive offering.

There’s always the chance Toyota is just protecting its intellectual property by trademarking the Celica nameplate. All we can do is hope that the brand has plans to add more exciting cars in its lineup.

[Source: The Drive]

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