Ferrari 458 Driver Opens Door Without Looking, Mazda Smashes It

Ferrari 458 Driver Opens Door Without Looking, Mazda Smashes It

The owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia in Romania now owns an Italian supercar with just a single door all because they failed to glance in the car's side mirror.

This clip, filmed vertically (sorry), shows the red 458 slowly maneuvering down a tight street before eventually pulling off to the side and parking. The driver of the Ferrari then makes a serious error.

Perhaps distracted by everything going on around him, the driver swings open the door of the Ferrari without looking in the wing mirror. Moments later, a white Mazda6 comes into view and slams straight into the door, destroying it.

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In certain incidents like this, it can be somewhat difficult to determine who is at fault. In this case, however, it’s pretty clear that the Ferrari driver is the one to blame here and should be forced to pay for the repairs needed to fix the Mazda.

One thing you may notice about this Ferrari 458 Italia is that it isn’t just any old 458. Instead, it appears to be a 458 Challenge race car, as evidenced by the revised front bumper, racing center-lock wheels, exposed gas cap, plastic side windows, and huge wing sticking out of the rear. The 458 Challenge also only has two exhaust pipes while the street car has three.

Production of the 458 ended years ago and sourcing a replacement door for the racer could prove to be a little bit of a challenge (pun intended). The owner probably has the money, however.