Ford F - 150 Rear - Ends Honda Civic On California Highway, Tries To Run Away

Ford F-150 Rear-Ends Honda Civic On California Highway, Tries To Run Away

A Honda Civic driver found out that putting the blinkers on and making sure no one is coming from behind isn't enough when attempting a lane change.

It’s not up to you, but the incoming driver must also be paying attention to the road. In the following footage taken by a dashcam on a highway in California, we can see that traffic is building up ahead during the late afternoon commute.

At one point, the Honda Civic driver signaled left and entered the passing lane as an older Ford F-150 was coming up from behind rather quickly. While the truck driver had plenty of time to apply the brakes, the footage shows that he stomped on the brake pedal when they were roughly three foot away from the Honda.

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Obviously, the inevitable happened and the pickup slammed into the back of the Civic. The driver immediately stopped on the shoulder, hoping that the F-150 would do the same. Surprise! The truck driver carried on like nothing happened and when they saw that the Honda Civic started a chase they tried to evade by taking the first exit.

We don’t know whether the Honda driver managed to catch the culprit but we hope they at least managed to get the license plate info and forward it to the police. The way the footage looks, it appears that the person driving the F-150 was not paying attention to the road and only noticed the Honda when it was too late to do anything. We’d hate to think the truck driver did this on purpose to punish the other driver for "cutting them off."