Former Mitsubishi Executive Tipped To Replace Linda Jackson As Citroen Ceo

Former Mitsubishi Executive Tipped To Replace Linda Jackson As Citroen CEO

Citroen chief executive Linda Jackson is set to be replaced by a former executive from Mitsubishi, Automobilwoche reports.

Citing unnamed sources, the German publication states that Jackson will be moved to another role within the PSA Group and that Mitsubishi’s former head of production Vincent Cobee will take over as Citroen’s CEO.

In a statement issued to Autocar in response to the report, the French car manufacturer confirmed that Cobee has joined Citroen, but failed to make any mention of him replacing Jackson.

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"Vincent Cobee has indeed joined the Citroën management team. As of October 1, 2019, he has been appointed deputy to the brand manager in charge of accelerating the development of the brand internationally. In this capacity, he will be part of the Citroën Executive Committee," Citroen said.

It is asserted that when Cobee does assume his new duties, he will be charged with improving the car manufacturer’s sales outside of France.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Citroen is working on three new sedans/a> that will be introduced in the next two years. The first of these models will be an all-new C6 that’s set to arrive next year and will take some design inspiration from 2016’s Cxperience concept. The remaining two will be unveiled in 2021 and are mainly aimed at China, where demand for large, comfortable sedans remains strong, in contrast to most other markets that favor SUVs and crossovers instead.