Gm Shows Off New Android - Based Infotainment System With Extensive Google Integration

GM Shows Off New Android-Based Infotainment System With Extensive Google Integration

Infotainment systems are becoming an increasingly important part of the vehicle ownership experience, but some aren't all that great.

GM understands this so they’re teaming up with Google to integrate the company’s services on their next-generation of infotainment systems which will arrive in Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC vehicles beginning in 2021.

The upcoming infotainment system will be Android-based and have Google Assistant built-in. The voice assistant will enable users to text and call their friends hands-free as well as adjust the cabin temperature and change the radio station. It also works with compatible smart home devices such as lights and garage door openers.

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Besides featuring Google Assistant, the infotainment system will come with Google Maps. This should be a huge improvement as GM said it’s "constantly up-to-date and helps drivers navigate with real-time traffic information, automatic re-routing and lane guidance."

Last but not least, the infotainment system will provide access to the Google Play Store. The company says this will allow owners to download a wide range of apps and services designed specifically for in-vehicle use.

GM says the changes are a result of customer feedback which has shown drivers "prefer an embedded technology experience" and "expect seamless integration between the tech in their hands and the tech in their vehicle."

According to GM’s vice president for the Global Connected Customer Experience, Santiago Chamorro, "The integration of select Google technology and services into our vehicle infotainment systems will foster a more connected and efficient driving experience.” Chamorro went on to say “We will continue to offer our own unique infotainment features … such as service recommendations, vehicle health status, in-vehicle commerce and more, with the Google applications and services complementing our offerings."