Hard Impact With A Toyota Sends Vw Jetta Flying Off The Road

Hard Impact With A Toyota Sends VW Jetta Flying Off The RoadLots of accidents involve multiple drivers at fault, even though some mess up a lot worse than others and tend to be held accountable more, while also being judged more harshly outside the law.
This crash is one such example where we can safely state that the red Toyota Corolla had no business making that left turn as long as it wasn’t safe to do so. As a result, it got hammered by the white Jetta in the worst possible way.While we can’t know for certain how fast the VW was going at the moment of impact, it definitely doesn’t pass the “eye test” as far as being anywhere near under the speed limit. To make matters worse, there seems to be some construction going on near the intersection, which usually means you have to slow down even more – legally speaking.As for the aftermath, all we can do is hope that occupants of both cars were OK and that they didn’t sustain any life threatening injuries, although, with an impact like this, it’s hard to imagine anybody walking away without a scratch. Still, while the two vehicles weren’t exactly brand new as far as their model year, they were both designed in a time when automakers were really starting to get the hang of making really strong interiors as far as occupant protection was concerned – early 2000s.It’s also worrying seeing the VW fly off the road like that, which is the type of situation that can put pedestrian lives at risk. Hopefully nobody else was harmed.null