Here's What It's Like To Own The Nissan Leaf For A Year

Here's What It's Like To Own The Nissan Leaf For A Year

Although they had a hard time at first, in the last few years EV sales have really taken off. Nearly every major automaker offers at least one, but most consumers feel like the range anxiety and long charging times aren't for them.

Most of those who have already taken this step would allegedly never go back to internal combustion engine-powered cars, as they’re more than satisfied with their EV. Is this the case for RoadShow, who have been driving around in a Nissan Leaf for the past year? Let’s look into some of the things they had to say about it.

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First and foremost, the Leaf makes EV life easy. It’s the kind of car that adapts to you so you don’t have to adapt to it. It’s easy to drive and park, has sufficient power for the occasional overtake and the interior doesn’t look like it came from a sci-fi film. Controls are ordinary and the infotainment system doesn’t disappoint, but you’ll have to get used to one important feature if you want to get a few extra miles of range: the e-Pedal, which enables single-pedal driving.

Using it as a daily driver and plugging it in most nights would help users forget that petrol stations exist. In good weather conditions, the Leaf could exceed the official 150-mile (241 km) range, but during winter in Michigan, it experienced a 50+ percent drop in range over night. This can be solved by getting the Leaf Plus, which adds a more powerful electric motor and a bigger battery that ups the total travel distance on a single charge to 226 miles (364 km).

Is Nissan’s electric hatchback good enough to make you consider getting into the EV life? The answer lies right below, alongside other aspects, including service visits and possible squeaks or rattles that might have appeared during the first year of ownership.