Hino Based Emergency Services Centre Recognised For Innovation

Hino Based Emergency Services Centre Recognised For InnovationAustralia's largest data innovation group has displayed a world-first Hino-based emergency service communications vehicle at its inaugural showcase event in Sydney.

The Emergency Services Integrated Communications (ESIC) vehicle is based on a Hino 700 Series SS 2848 and features equipment that allows emergency services to supply consistent, up-to-date information and connectivity to communities and the front line of service during an emergency.

The first Data61 D61+ LIVE event took place at the Australian Technology Park and featured demonstrations of Australian innovation in data, research and industry collaboration.

Data61 is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation's (CSIRO) new research unit and Australia's largest data innovation group.

The National Safety Agency (NSA) in partnership with Australian government departments developed the ESIC vehicle.

It houses technology that gathers a wide array of data to monitor and provide predictive modelling of floods, fires and other emergency crisis situations.

NSA President Des Bahr is the director of the ESIC project and said the reliability of the Hino 700 Series prime mover was a key factor in the vehicle's effectiveness.

"Choosing the Hino truck was an important decision that enables us to get our technology to an emergency in a safe and timely manner," Mr Bahr said.

"Reliability is paramount as the truck is an all agency, all hazard approach. Agencies rely on us to provide vital assistance, intelligence and capability in crisis situations.

"We also chose Hino due to their global presence. As they are such a well-supported vehicle brand internationally, our prototype reflects a model that can be replicated without the need for modification."

Data61 CEO Adrian Turner said the ESIC vehicle promotes Australian innovation and collaboration at its best.

"Innovation is the product of two things - an idea and its outcome - and I think they're multiplied by each other," Mr Turner said.

"Hard science has gone into the underlying technology that drives the systems on board the ESIC, and the application of this vehicle is a perfect example of what innovation is about."