Hino Makes Front Under - Run Protection System Standard Equipment

Hino Makes Front Under-Run Protection System Standard EquipmentHino has once again raised the bar for truck safety in Australia by fitting Front Under-run Protection (FUP) as standard equipment across its entire range of 500 and 700 Series on-highway trucks.

FUP is designed to protect other motorists by preventing their vehicle from becoming trapped and crushed under the front of the truck in the event of a frontal collision.

The technology is incorporated in the truck's standard bumper bar.

Included on all 500 Series and 700 Series on-highway trucks from late 2011 production, Hino has also fitted FUP to wide cabin versions of its new 300 Series light duty truck.

Hino becomes the first manufacturer in Australia to offer this lifesaving technology across all three categories of trucks - light, medium and heavy-duty.

Hino Australia product planning manager Daniel Petrovski said Hino had made the decision to offer this important feature across as many vehicles in its range as possible to improve the safety of all road users - not just the occupants of the truck.

"In the event of a severe frontal collision, the Hino FUP is intended to prevent the opposing vehicle - in many cases a smaller passenger car - from being 'run over' by the truck," he said.

"FUP assists the deployment of SRS airbags in the opposing vehicle in the event of a front-on or front-side collision, and also works to protect the truck's steering components - thereby assisting the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and bring it to a controlled stop.

"In the unfortunate event of a collision, FUP may be the difference between life and death for the occupants of a smaller vehicle," Mr Petrovski said.

In the case of medium and heavy-duty models, Hino FUP is certified to Australian Design Rule ADR 84 and European Safety Standard UN ECE-93.

Despite their smaller physical presence on the road, Hino's new-generation 300 Series wide cab models also have FUP installed, complementing the model's already outstanding safety credentials (including dual airbags, ABS anti-lock braking and class-leading vehicle stability control).

Mr Petrovski said FUP was further evidence of Hino's ongoing dedication to improving truck safety.

"The advanced crash structure of FUP has been subjected to extensive testing by Hino's team of global engineers, including computer-aided design simulations and physical destructive testing at Hino's dedicated safety centre in Japan," he said.

"Hino takes road safety very seriously, and we're particularly committed to offering the best available safety features on our trucks when and where we can."