Honda Accord Slams Into Tesla In California, Sends It Into A Guard Rail

Honda Accord Slams Into Tesla In California, Sends It Into A Guard Rail

A Tesla’s exterior cameras have captured the moment when a white Honda Accord slammed into the car, forcing the electric vehicle into a guard rail at high speed.

Details of the incident are limited but a look at the license plate of the Accord indicates that it may have occurred somewhere in California. We suspect the Tesla involved was a Model 3 but it is difficult to be sure.

In the first video filmed through the rear-facing camera near the driver’s side door, a white Honda Accord can be seen driving erratically towards the Tesla. As the Japanese sedan gets closer to the Tesla, it starts to sharply verge into the lane occupied for the Tesla and for a moment, looks as though it’s about to slam into the rear of the car. However, the driver appears to quickly steer away from the Tesla.

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Unfortunately, the driver’s sudden steering input appears to throw the Honda off balance and as it speeds up alongside the Tesla, it slams into the car’s front quarter panel, pushing it across multiple lanes of traffic before it smashes into a guard rail and screeches to a halt. The impact was significant enough to severely mangle the guard rail and we suspect that means the EV is a complete write-off.

As for the Honda which caused all this carnage, it appears to have escaped without much damage and may only need a new front quarter panel and bumper.