Honda Campaigns To Save Five Drive - In Movie Theaters

Honda Campaigns to Save Five Drive-In Movie TheatersFor most of the 368 drive-in movie theaters currently operating in the U.S., this will be the last summer of business. Honda will keep some of the tradition alive.


Hollywood is expected to stop distributing movies on 35 millimeter film because the majority of venues have converted to digital screens. Drive-ins are the hardest hit by that change because of their seasonal sensitivity, and large screen size.

Few can afford the cost to switch, which in most cases is around $75,000. With that in mind, Honda is launching something called “Project Drive-In,” a campaign that will see the Japanese automaker donate digital projectors to five drive-ins. Honda also hopes to encourage people to save as many drive-ins as possible by raising awareness.


VIDEO Honda Campaigns to Save Five Drive-In Movie Theaters