Honda Civic Type R Vs. Bmw M2 Competition In Track Battle

Honda Civic Type R Vs. BMW M2 Competition In Track Battle

There's a good reason we haven't seen the 405hp BMW M2 Competition compared with the 306hp Honda Civic Type R yet.

That’s because these are very different cars, though they are both fast and fun to drive. Despite that, the folks from the Throttle House YouTube channel decided the world needed a comparison video with these two cars. Why? Because the Civic Type R is faster around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, that’s why.

The Honda Civic Type R is the fastest front-wheel-drive production car on the "Green Hell" with a time of 7 minutes and 43.8 seconds while the rear-wheel-drive BMW M2 Competition needed 7 minutes and 52.36 seconds. Yes, the Japanese hot hatch was quicker than the more expensive BMW M car by more than 8 seconds.

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The reviewers took both performance cars to their test track in Canada as they wanted to see for themselves if the Honda is the quicker car. Both the M2 Competition and the Civic Type R were given a track treatment consisting of a drag race and timed laps.

We won’t spoil the video for you but we will tell you that it’s great fun to watch because of its unpredictability. Let’s just say that the lap times were really close. Whichever way you look at it, that can only mean one thing: the Honda Civic Type R is a phenomenal technical achievement that defies the laws of physics and the (official) price difference of around US$23,000 or C$30,000.

However, we do have to note that in reality, a lot of Honda dealers are heavily marking up the prices of the Civic Type R that should start from $35,700, but many buyers are paying close to, or in some occasions, even over $50,000. That brings it awfully close to the BMW M2 Competition that can be had from $58,900.