Honda E Pricing Officially Revealed At 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda E pricing officially revealed at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Official pricing is finally out for the Honda E. The announcement was made by Honda at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the only country pricing was revealed for is Germany. It begins at €33,470 before the German electric car subsidy brings the base price down to €29,470. Converted to U.S. dollars, the base price before any potential tax credit is $36,957. Of course, the Honda E would be eligible for the $7,500 tax credit here, bringing the price below $30,000. This, we could live with. The last report we heard back in May is that the Honda E would start around $45,000. Just under $37,000 is a seriously pleasant surprise. We learned the final power numbers and range the other day. Unsurprisingly, the more powerful Honda E is also more expensive. That base price is for the 134-horsepower version. If you want the "Advance" (trim name from Honda) 152-horsepower Honda E, you'll be paying an extra €3,000. More equipment is also along for the ride here, but Honda didn't specify exactly what that is. We'll assume it includes nicer trim, materials and maybe an extra tech gizmo or two. If you're in Frankfurt, you can go look at and experience the production Honda E in the flesh. Honda doesn't bring it stateside for shows since it won't be selling the car here. Also, it would be rather cruel to taunt us with such an awesome little car that we won't be able to buy despite our desperate pleas. Those who expressed interest in buying one will be able to place an order this month. Deliveries to some European countries (UK, Germany, France and Norway) will begin summer of 2020.