Honda Fcx Clarity

Honda FCX ClarityHonda FCX Clarity is the world's first dedicated platform hydrogen vehicle. It's the zero-emission sedan of the future. A reality today.

In developing the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), Honda has managed to strike the perfect balance between futuristic technology and the very human desire for a thrilling ride. The result amounts to zero emissions and maximum driving experience.

Yes, the FCX Clarity FCEV is the car of the future, but it's already on the road today.

Shaping Standards
This dynamic full-cabin sedan was designed to set the sedan standard for the next century. The aggressive front end features a 6-sided grille and the whole package is wrapped up in a sophisticated, rich color we call Star Garnet Metallic.

Back to the Future
Even from the rear, this vehicle commands attention. Elegantly tapered passenger cabin lines complement the accentuated fender flares. A high center slopes down lower at the fenders. And in the back you’ll find an under-trunk storage well, offering a convenient place to store valuables away from prying eyes. Honda adds another first with the addition of refractive rear privacy glass on part of the trunk, which helps the driver see better through the rear view.

Secret Ingredients
The hood, trunk, doors and fenders are crafted with aluminum to lighten the load and increase efficiency. Front and rear subframes are made from extruded aluminum to heighten this effect. Ultra-lightweight 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels enhance aerodynamics.

Ever wonder what the future feels like? Spend some quality time inside the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), and you’ll be pleased to discover that craftsmanship is alive and well there, as is advanced interior comfort. Everything inside this roomy four-passenger vehicle is designed with humans in mind.

Rooted in Comfort
A significant percentage of the seating material in the FCX Clarity FCEV is derived from plants to extend its environmental sensibility even further. The revolutionary Honda Bio-Fabric provides a CO2 reduction of 30 percent compared to conventional polyester made from petroleum products.

Better fabric for the environment is better for you, too. Silky soft to the touch, this Honda Bio-Fabric also provides outstanding elasticity—which helps to prevent sagging—as well as durability sufficient to withstand everyday wear and tear. And each seat is individually contoured to complement the human form.

Evolved Interior
The interior of the FCX Clarity FCEV has a clean, inviting feel accomplished with naturally warm earth-tone colors. Silver accents with piano-black finish complete the distinctive markings of this highly evolved species.

Seats and Storage
All the amenities you’ve come to expect from Honda are right there where you need them. Heated and cooled seats keep you comfortable no matter the season. A rear center console does double duty as a tray table, and front and rear door pockets are convenient places to stash your stuff.

Technology of Tomorrow
The advanced technology on this car isn’t all reserved for the powertrain. A Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™* with voice recognition and rearview camera helps you coming and going — and it even finds your nearest hydrogen station. XM® Radio† and an MP3/auxiliary input jack in the center console rock your world. Even the glove compartment is outfitted with Honda’s USB Audio Interface.**

Dash Around Town
A multi-layered instrument panel floats before your eyes, and 3-D gauges stand out with the information you need. The futuristic hydrogen-consumption gauge changes color and size to reflect hydrogen consumption as your driving conditions change. During high consumption the ball becomes large and amber colored. As consumption decreases, it shrinks and turns yellow then blue. If you’re ready to go high tech with the car of the future, just hit the Vehicle Start Button.

From the start, Honda engineers designed this car to be tons of fun to drive. The FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) has a smooth and powerful electric engine for a great overall driving experience.
Information gleaned from multiple generations of Honda fuel cell vehicles pays off right now. Compared to the previous model, the powertrain on this next-generation FCX Clarity FCEV:
Is over 397 pounds lighter
Has 120% better power-to-weight ratio
Is 20% more fuel efficient
Is 45% more compact and 10% more energy-efficient
Free and Clear
First, the basics: the FCX Clarity is an electric vehicle. A fuel cell vehicle is powered by an electric motor running on electricity generated by a hydrogen-powered fuel cell stack. The more efficient Honda E-Drive electric motor lets you drive with peace of mind knowing that you are helping to reduce the amount of CO2 being released in our atmosphere. The compact coaxial motor is quieter and can run at higher rpm, for greater efficiency and speed.

Get Vertical
The Vertical Flow (V Flow) fuel cell stack is one of Honda’s greatest breakthroughs in this area. The new design is smaller, allowing for better packaging efficiency. With a smaller stack, there’s room for more people. This ingenious design allows higher cell voltage stability and reduces the amount of heat generated. Gravity also helps with drainage of the excess water.

Added Power
The compact, high-efficiency lithium-ion battery pack is used as a supplemental power source capturing lost energy during deceleration and braking. The new lithium-ion battery delivers improved performance and energy recovery in a more lightweight, compact package. The new battery is significantly lighter and smaller than the ultra-capacitor of the 2005 FCX, allowing it to be stowed under the rear seat. This gives the car more passenger space and a bigger trunk.

Low Profile
Stylish? Definitely. It’s time to take another look at the FCX Clarity FCEV. This new model has a lower floor and sleeker overall design thanks to integration of the more compact stack and smaller powertrain. Thin A-pillars allow better visibility. A flat-bottom underbody reduces aerodynamic drag and increases efficiency.


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