Honda Fit 13g F Package Review: “an Unpretentious Base Car” By Naoto Shimazaki

Update : Honda reveals next-gen Fit HybridA car that inadvertently made me think, “This is nice!” was actually just a basic 1.3 liter engine powered car. But I should probably say this is an unpretentious car great for everyday use.

The smooth ride is one of the car's attraction points. The standard equipment 175/70R14 84S tires (Dunlop Enasave EC300) + steel wheels are well balanced, preserving a simple, flat ride that lightly parries uneven roads. Of course compared to the second generation Fit the comfort of the ride has evolved a step, but I also felt the high level of smoothness and stability from the car had unabashedly risen above the sophistication of the second generation. Nor were the engine noises or vibrations at all offensive to my ears.

The car’s practically comes from a 1.3 liter i-VTEC engine (100ps/12.1kg-m) specs. This has been combined with a CVT, but the axel manipulation generates favorable power and torque. And by shifting into sports mode when the need arises, responses during highway drives are also not a problem. A new ECON mode, with a highly efficient drive and tight performance, is like having a new powertrain.

With the F package the rear seats as well have a variety of functions, such as the inclusion of Smart Keys and other features. This is very much a modest and easy to use car.


Update : Honda reveals next-gen Fit HybridUpdate : Honda reveals next-gen Fit HybridUpdate : Honda reveals next-gen Fit Hybrid