Honda Fit Prototype Test Drive: "new Rs Model Feels Like A Real Hot Hatch!" By Kei Takeoka

Honda Fit Prototype Test Drive: "New RS model feels like a real hot hatch!" by Kei TakeokaThe biggest impact from the new Fit Prototype has to be the RS 6MT model. To be frank, the previous RS model focused more on the exterior looks and then some, while the new model feels much more like a hot hatch.

And wow is it light! The power corresponds well to the body size and the short gear stroke feels and handles like its going right into the tip of your nose. The chassis is solid but very supple, giving it a really smooth feel while driving along.

The brake feel is also very natural. At any rate, it's light weight is complimented with a firmness essential for a hot hatch. Furthermore, the power and feel are all very well balanced. It feels really good to drive!

The only downside is the interior. The RS and Hybrid's seat designs are exactly the same. And around the meter, aside from the "RS" logo being taken care of, everything is just about the same as the standard gasoline model. Somehow this and other special qualities get weakened by these aspects.

I mean, after all, you're going to be looking at the interior most of the time anyways. But maybe Honda's looking at this as a place of customization? I'm looking forward to Honda Access and Mugen models to appear at the Tokyo Motor Show and Tokyo Auto Salon in the near future.

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