Honda Minivan Driver Runs Red Light, Instantly Regrets Decision

Honda Minivan Driver Runs Red Light, Instantly Regrets Decision

When a driver runs a red light, it’s usually because they’re in a hurry or oblivious as to what they’re doing. In this particular case, the person driving the white Honda Odyssey was stationary prior to the crash, and for some reason entered the intersection before the light turned green.

That’s not exactly the type of error you expect to see in traffic, but according to the description of the video, the minivan driver was also ticketed for cellphone use, which kind of explains their compromised attention.

Collateral damage

The driver of the semi truck also says that the minivan “did clip and spin the motorbike, but that does not show in the video.” Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt, which is almost surprising seen as how the rig smashed directly into the driver’s side door of the Odyssey.

It’s safe to assume that the curtain airbags played a major role here, otherwise the driver’s head could have impacted the window or the pillar – which is what tends to happen when you’re hit laterally (your head is jolted towards the impact area).

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All things considered, this incident could have ended a lot worse for everybody involved, especially the motorcycle rider (who actually slowed down in anticipation of what was about to happen) and his passenger.

As for when and where the incident took place, that would be a few months back (March 30th) in upstate New York.